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Membership Benefits 

Conference Crowd



Full Library of all of our previous zoom lectures and conferences, over 200 hours of lecture video

CME Accrediation

All Members have access to claim 10 hours of recorded AASCP zoom lectures for CME credit. Our goal is to have 30 recorded CME credit hours on our members website

Teacher Helping Student

WhatsApp Group Chat

Be a part of the group discussion, help colleagues solve difficult cases. Get help from our database of over 200 physicians in the group chat. Stay in touch with publication updates around the regenerative medicine field.

Regenerative Medicine Database

Over the past 3 years we have been collecting a database of every regenerative medicine physician from every medical conference we have attended and held. We are now making our database available to our members. We have over 1000+ regenerative medicine physician contacts in all 50 states and 20 countries. 

Academic Library
Reviewing the Laws



Over 50% of the membership funds go directly to our lobbyist. These lobbyist are lobbying for better legislation in the regenerative medicine field. We need your help! Become a member today and join the cause. 

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