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The Board of American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians  is the official board certifying body of the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians. (AASCP). As a nationally recognized academy with a mission to bring like-minded physicians together to increase awareness and education of regenerative medicine, the AASCP is proud to announce the Fellowship and Diplomat certification.

In order to be eligible for certification or recertification through the AASCP, licensed physicians in great standing must meet the stringent eligibility requirements that have been defined by the board. AASCP places an emphasis on not only psychometrically evaluated testing and advanced training but also moral character and experience. Furthermore, AASCP has a clear path toward recertification for qualified physicians. Our standards for recertification typically include a commitment to continuing medical education, successful completion of a recertification examination, participation in a non-remedial medical ethics program, and other similar requirements.

AASCP is also well known for working with physicians to provide unique opportunities for board certification in their specialty of regenerative medicine. For instance, the AASCP offers ongoing workshop modules led by highly prestigious and esteemed physicians in this field certifying and educating on different treatments and techniques.

Another defining characteristic of the AASCP is our commitment to ongoing education and awareness. This is why we’ve developed innovative new committees including our Institutional Review Board and opportunities for physicians and researchers to submit their work for review and exposure.

The AASCP was founded to recognize licensed physicians who have shown a specialty and interest in regenerative medicine. Increasingly, hospitals and medical staff placement agencies are prioritizing hiring board certified physicians, and we feel it is important to offer qualified professionals a choice when they’re researching board certifying bodies. The AASCP was founded by a group of leading physicians in 2017, and over the last two years our team of professionals has worked tirelessly to improve the certification process in order to ensure that our Diplomats are recognized for their achievements in the medical profession.

Currently, licensed physicians in great standing will complete 8 modules for certification. At that point they will qualify to complete a written and oral exam which is given to them by the 8 workshop leaders. Upon approval the AASCP will confer upon them the title of Diplomat of the AASCP and at that point after one year of good standing they will qualify to become a Fellow of American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians, granting them the title of FAASCP,

If you are interested in pursuing board certification in regenerative medicine and you are exploring your options, contact AASCP today at 305-866-8384 or at We’ll be happy to explain the eligibility requirements for certification through the AASCP, the advantages that AASCP Diplomats enjoy, and answer any questions you may have.

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